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EYAFexpo - Rehabilitation, Integration, Prevention & Care Logo

Advertising Options

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Fair Catalogue

Register markIn EYAFEXPO, a catalogue is being prepared containing the product, service, brand and corporate information of the companies. Fair catalogue is being sold during and after the air. It is also distributed free of charge to the exhibitors, public sector, university libraries, non-governmental associations. The prices are indicated below for the catalogue. Design of advertisement shall be provided by the exhibitor. The advertisement shall be prepared for printing by the exhibitor company (300dpi PDF, PSD, TIFF etc.) and delivered to MBA before deadline.

Advertisement In
Cost* (€) Size
Inside Front Cover 1200
12 x 21.5cm
Inside Back Cover 1200 12 x 21.5cm
Full Page (Right)
1000 12 x 21.5cm
Full Page (Left)
900 12 x 21.5cm
1200 5 x 15cm
Back Cover
2000 12 x 21.5cm
5000 copies printed.
*VAT is not included

Visitor Name Badge Cover and Ribbon

A name badge shall be given to all visitors during the fair. By the advertisement on the ribbon of name badges, the visitors themselves will promote your company. The ribbon details are as follows.

Price* (€)
*VAT is not included

Name Badges for Visitor

A name badge shall be given to all visitors during the fair. By your advertisement at the back side of name badges, visitors themselves will promote your company all around the fair. The name badges for visitors details will be prepared by MBA as follows.

Pieces Price* (€)
10.4x7.2cm 20.000 4.000
*VAT is not included

Advertisement On Information Desk

You are invited to have an advertisement of your company on Information desk located in the exhibition centre. 60 x 60 cm. vinyl folios with company name, logo or advertisement shall be prepared by the exhibitor company and applied by MBA GRUP.

4 400
Deadline is for the advertisement made by the company and delivered to MBA GRUP is November 21st, 2014
*VAT is not included

Advertisement on Foyer Floor

Advertisement on foyer floor,dimensioned 100 x 100 cm will be placed on the foyers which are the most attractive and prestigious places of EYAFEXPO. 2 pieces of 100 x 100 cm vinyl folios (one as a back up) of the advertisement shall have been manufactured by the exhibitor company.

Price (€/adet pieces)
4 750
*VAT is not included

New Product Stand

You are invited to introduce the new products of your company on 100 x 100 x 100 cm platforms placed on the most circulated areas of the exhibition area. Companies shall prepare all the materials of their products allowed by MBA. Companies shall transmit the brochures to the visitors with the New Product Stand and find the chance to guide the visitors to their stands in the exhibition halls by marking the booth numbers on the New Product Stand.

Price* (€)
*VAT is not included

Entrance Staff Uniforms

This advertisement opportunity shall be limited to only one company and you can promote your company from begining of fair process with the advertisement you give on the entrance hostes uniforms, who are to meet with visitors is entrance of the fair. A 12 x 12 cm. advertisement / logo will be placed on front of the jump suits that is prepared by the exhibitor and delivered to The MBA GRUP

Price* (€)
*VAT is not included

Flags over the Corridors

You can emphasize your company’s name and brand image by hanging flags on the corridor on a single aisle next to your stand. The flags 140x400 cm shall be prepared by the exhibitor company and hanged by MBA. Flags should be 140 x 300 cm white and two sided. Company name and logo will be prepared on a folio matching with the colour of your company’s logo. (As the flags are double sided, it is important to choose an opaque background for the folio.)

Price* (€/Piece)
*VAT is not included

Flag Poles

There is 3 flag poles outdoor that you can make the presentation of your company. A company may use max.3 poles. This service will be available for only 3 companies. Flags shall have been manufactured by the company, which demands the advertisement.

100x400 2250
*VAT is not included