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EYAFexpo - Rehabilitation, Integration, Prevention & Care Logo

About EYAFexpo

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EYAFexpo logo

The outstanding percentage of disabled people is stated as 12.29 in our country. Many solutions, technologies and products have been being developed for disabled people to get integrated with social life. On the contrary, of the existing structure in developed countries, in our country, not many references can be appointed for disabled people to reach the necessary products for an easier life.

Eyaf Expo 2015 was presented to supply the simple access for the necessary products, technologies and services for disabled and dependent condition people. With the same scale, Eyaf Expo 2016 will be the meeting point of the national and international corporates that supply special products, technologies and services for disabled people. The exhibition has an objective on contributing to create solutions and compose a big public opinion with Civil Social Associations for disabled people. Regarding the specified objectives; ;

  • Giving information about the innovations and developments about disability for disabled people and their relatives,
  • Supporting urban arrangements and architecture facilities regarding the disability, organized by local associations and promoting new enterprises,
  • Supporting social responsibility consciousness to be more spread among Civil Social Associations, Indicate the main objectives of EyafExpo 2016.

Eyaf Expo 2016 will be held between the dates December 1-4, 2016 in Istanbul Expo Center. In EyafExpo 2016 the visitors with special needs will have the assistance to come to the exhibition venue with a very uniquely designed organization.